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Pre-Expo post and cosplay commission warning!

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 23, 2013, 10:47 AM

"Step aside, Captain"


Again, sorry I haven't updated since coming back from the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD pre-launch.

Lots of things have been going on.

Mainly to do with my health.  So if I'm not around as much - or if I'm not as social - or just don't seem myself - please don't take it personally.  I have a lot of health issues going on at the moment and might have to go for surgery (potentially, I may have to have two operations) - so there's a few things on my mind right now.

Onto other things - London MCM Expo (sorry, I'll NEVER call it Comic Con because it's just NOT! XD) is this weekend.
Tenkaii and I will be about from Friday to Monday and we'll be taking lots of cosplay and event photos for Anime Picks - so please don't be afraid to approach us!
I'll be in my secret Disney cosplay on Friday, Mikasa Akerman from Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan on Saturday, and either Barrioth Armour from Monster Hunter or Rei Ayanami's plugsuit from Evangelion on the Sunday (weather pending).
Also, as usual I'm terrible with names and faces so please, if I look at you blankly, remind me who you are XD  I apologise in advanced for this!

And yes - just in case some of you were wondering - yes that Rei plugsuit was one of the cosplays that Tenkaii and I have finally received after waiting TWO AND A HALF YEARS for (after paying the commissioner in full).  Now that has finally been sorted out, I can reveal this commissioner to be Barbara Staples of the Limebarb and Lemonbrat companies.
We have had a nightmare of a time trying to get our cosplays from her, despite paying her in full, and have been given nothing but lies and false deadlines via e-mail (and yes, if she or any of her friends read this, I have kept EVERY SINGLE E-MAIL OF CORRESPONDANCE BETWEEN US AS EVIDENCE).  We have had to threaten her with legal action in order to finally get our stuff, and even then, we were still subjected to false deadlines and she even went as far as to blame the courrier company for misplacing the parcel (before stupidly sending us progress photos that were date and time stamped almost a month after she had allegedly sent the parcel).
She also offered us two hoodies from her sister site Lemonbrat as compensation for the wait. One of my friends who makes cosplays looked at them when she was visiting and she said they were very poorly made (no hemming, etc) - and when I told her how much they were worth on he website, she was shocked and appauled at how much people were getting ripped off. So I'm glad we got them for free (minus a customs charge)
I would strongly reccommend to any of my friends and fellow cosplayers NOT TO GIVE THIS WOMAN BUSINESS OF ANY KIND!!!
And if you don't believe what happened to us, you can just Google her.

That out of the way, I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend, and if you're also going to London MCM Expo this weekend, that you have a fantastic time - regardless of if we see you or not <3

Stuff for Sale

Mostly because of a storage issue, I'm going to be selling some of my cosplay possessions, so watch this space!

100 Themes Challenge

Due to my 2+yr hiatus, I'll be hopefully getting this back on track once I've cleared my backlog of photos XD;

Taken from 100ThemesChallenge

1. Introduction nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
2. Love nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
3. Light nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
4. Dark
5. Rot
6. Break
7. Heaven
8. Away
9. Cut
10. Breathe nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
11. Memory nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
12. Insanity
13. Misfortune
14. Smile nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
15. Silence
16. Spit
17. Blood
18. Under
19. Gray nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
20. Fortitude
21. War nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
22. Mother
23. Distastefull
24. Want
25. Lurking nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
26. Europe
27. Foreign
28. Sorrow nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
29. Urban
30. Rain
31. Flower nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
32. Night
33. Wrath nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
34. Moon
35. Walk
36. Precious
37. See nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
38. Abandoned
39. Dream nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
40. 4:29 PM
41. Citric Acid
42. Still
43. Die
44. Two Roads nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
45. Two Guns
46. Drop
47. Dirt
48. Young
49. Preservatives
50. Breaking the Rules
51. Sport
52. Old
53. Desecrate
54. Tower nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
55. Need
56. Biohazard
57. Sacrificial
58. Kick in the Head
59. No Way Out nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
60. Desert nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
61. Fairy Tale nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
62. Voodoo
63. Do Not Disturb
64. City
65. Horrorific
66. Snow
67. Drum nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
68. Hero nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
69. Annoyance
70. 67%
71. Obsession
72. Mislead
73. I. Can't.
74. Confrontation
75. Mirror
76. Broken
77. Testament
78. Drink nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
79. FUCK [if this theme offends you you may do the alternate theme "Balk"]
80. Words
81. Pen and Paper
82. +
83. Heal
84. Cold
85. Sick
86. Seeing Red
87. Hunger nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
88. Pain
89. Through the Fire
90. Triangle
91. Drown
92. Rape nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
93. Iron
94. Soft
95. Advertisement nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
96. Storm
97. Safety nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
98. Puzzle
99. Alone nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…
100. Gone nekoflamealchemist.deviantart.…


I've been offered a probationary cosplay photographer slot for an anime website.  So I'm definitely going to be trying to brush up on photographing and editing cosplays ^_^

I'm totally up for doing shoots with loads of people (new and old!) &nbsp;So feel free to note me if you're interested!

I'm also looking for any MCR fans that might be interested in helping me with my MCR project - you'll have to be based in the UK and able to meet up for photos and filming in or near London - so please message me if you're interested :3

Cosplay news

October Expo:
Haven't been able to get everything as complete as I wanted to due to sickness, but here's the lineup so far!
Friday: Secret Disney cosplay
Saturday: Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan / Shingeki No Kyojin)
Sunday: Barrioth Armour (Monster Hunter)
Backup in case of extremely wet weather:  Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Other reserve/Planned Cosplays for 2010/2011
Etna from Disgaea (with Tenkaii )
Amber from Suckerpunch
Gunner Yuna (Final Fantasy X)
Secret Disney cosplay :o
Mulan (Disney)
Lilith (Darkstalkers)
Aya from Weiss Kreuz Gluhen (with TheInkOfDoom )
Batgirl (Cassandra Cain version)
Destiny Gundam (yes, talking about the actual Gundam - because I miss wearing it) from Gundam SEED Destiny
Selene from Underworld (redone version of the cosplay with faramon and hopefully a few others)
Athrun Zala/Alex Dino (civvies version)from Gundam SEED Destiny
Death from Sandman
Saya from Blood+ (because TJ keeps reminding me I should cosplay her XD)
Hitsugaya Toshiro from Bleach (with Rel-Rogue )
Sakura Kasugano from Street Fighter
Bloodrayne from Bloodrayne
And many more that I can't be bothered to list... yet X3

Clubs I'm in:
:iconfma-cosplayers: :iconfma-vt-domination: :iconroy-mustang-club: :icongits-fans: :iconuk-cosplay:

If you have attempted Alchemy by drawing an array, clapping your hands, or snapping your fingers, paste this in your signature.

I am Squall Leonhart in DA's Final Fantasy Crew

I'm Roy Mustang in The Fullmetal Alchemist Crew!

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